The Resurgence of Film Photography

We are fully immersed in a digital world. Think of all the technology that has gone out of fashion: landlines, floppy disks, folding maps, CDs, VHS, film and many others.

As the years have gone, photographers have slowly made the switch from film photography to digital photography as digital camera became more accessible and cheaper.

Like many of the other older forms technology, has film photography become completely obsolete?

Although it may seem like film has completely disappeared it’s been making its resurgence, much like vinyl. Many photographers are returning to medium, whether it be for aesthetic purposes or a variety reasons.

Photographer Mae Krell said, “I personally started shooting on film because my mom had an old camera and we didn’t have money to buy even a cheap digital at the time, so it holds a special place in my heart. Now, I shoot film for personal projects.”

Some may use film as a way to cut costs, but others use it in conjunction with digital photography.

“I use a lot of film and really enjoy mixing the two seamlessly,” said photographer Sophia Ragomo. “I use them in different situations, but I definitely try to get an even mix of both!”

Film offers a fun twist on photography, since you cannot see what the picture looks like until you have developed it. It also offers a chance for photographers to get hands on with their work. With film, photographers can both develop and print their own photographs and add their own flairs by utilizing double exposures, filters, burning / dodging and other darkroom techniques.

It seems as though millennials are obsessed with giving life back to old technology like vinyl and film. Many in the younger generation are gaining interest with these previously popular technologies.

“I’m obsessed with film now, it’s always interesting. I love it,” said photographer Angela Smith.

Whether or not film will become hugely popular again is yet to be determined. It is said that everything that goes out of fashion will eventually come back, hopefully film will join the ranks of re-popularized technology.

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