State Champs Rock Phoenix

State Champs had a busy 2018. They released their third full length studio album, played the last cross country warped tour, celebrated the fifth birthday of The Finer Things and toured on their newest album , Living Proof, in Europe.

They didn’t stop there either and have kept the energy going into 2019. They kicked off the year with a North American tour, running for the whole month of March. They have also recently announced that they will be spending the summer on the road with The Maine for Sad Summer Fest.

Tyler Szalkowski of State Champs

Their North American tour following the release of Living Proof , wrapped up its final few dates with a show in Phoenix, AZ.

State Champs brought their show to the Van Buren in downtown Phoenix on March 26, 2019. Their support for the tour consisted of Grayscale, The Dangerous Summer and Our Last Night.

The band opened up their show with Criminal, which is a track from the new album that just had a music video released. They carried on with songs from their most recent release and played the up beat track, Frozen. Next they switched gears and played a few songs off Around the World and Back, which made the crowd go insane.

They continued on with the set, switching between playing songs from all three of their full length albums.



Before playing Hard To Please, a track from their first album, lead singer Derek Discanio asked the crowd if they would be okay if the band played a few songs off The Finer Things. The packed crowd responded with a cheer of approval. Discanio then let the room know that The Finer Things had just celebrated its fifth birthday in late 2018. The crowd once again responded with a loud cheer to celebrate and the band went into Hard To Please.

The set progressed with constant crowd surfers and a large circle pit until all of the band besides Discanio left the stage so they could slow things down for a few songs.

Tony Diaz of State Champs

The acoustic performance lasted for two songs, If I’m Lucky and Our Time Go. The crowd in the Van Buren came together for If I’m Lucky by opening up a large circle pit and having everyone sit down in it, hold hands and sway together. Derek continued into Our Time Go and the rest of the band joined him on stage for the song.

The band continued through the rest of their set without a hitch and at one point even dedicated a song to The Maine, who was likely in attendance that night. They finished with Dead and Gone, the lead single from Living Proof. They then exited the stage and waited for the cheering to ensue before reappearing for the encore.

Their encore was electrifying and consisted of two songs from their older albums, Elevated and Secrets. The crowd roared as the band left the stage for the final time.

You can catch State Champs all summer long on Sad Summer Fest. Tickets are available here.

You can stream Living Proof here.

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