New Found Glory Brings The Sickness to Arizona

New Found Glory did anything besides make Arizona sick when they brought their tour to Phoenix on June 19.

The band brought Bayside, William Ryan Key of Yellowcard and The Movielife out with them for their most recent tour run on their most recent album “Makes Me Sick.”

Bayside, hailing from the New York punk scene, recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their album “The Walking Wounded.” The band brought the heat from their previous tour, which gained them attention from Rolling Stones among others, to this most recent tour with New Found Glory.

While not touring, Bayside frontman, Anthony Raneri, has had his own successful solo career, while bassist Ghanbarian and drummer Chris Guglielmo have begun to explore the world of coffee, starting their own coffee roast company.

Despite their separate business venture, Bayside came together and rocked Arizona on the blistering night in June.

The heat from outside leaked into the venue, making the inside of the Marquee Theatre incredibly hot for every band on the bill.

Having spent most of last year touring as a celebration of their 20-year anniversary, the band spent every night of their anniversary tour playing two of their albums in full. This most recent tour was an opportunity for fans to hear songs off “Make Me Sick” for the first time, and the crowd in Arizona was ecstatic for that chance.

When NFG took the stage, the background on the stage was revealed to be themed after the name of “Makes Me Sick,” having a giant vomiting onto a city and the words “NFG 4-Ever” and “This Is The End” plastered on the backdrop.

NFG opened up their show with one of the most popular songs in their discography, “All Downhill From Here.” The song brought back fond memories in the crowd and put the show on a rocking path.

Eventually, the band furthered the energy from the crowd, and brought a fan, Ryan, from the crowd on stage to perform “Failure’s Not Flattering” with them. Guitarist Chad Gilbert called the guy on stage with a loving “Get up here homeslice.”

After the fan interaction, the band led into their cover of Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me.” The song prompted a swift sing a long from the crowd, which was swinging with each other lovingly.

The band soon announced that their next song would be “for all the die hard New Found Glory Fans and led into “Situations,” which was a song that was used for their Warped Tour promotion in 2007.

The band finished the rest of their set and headed into their gueling pause before the encore.

When they came back onto the stage front man, Jordan Pundik, was dressed in a boxing robe and the band performed a cover of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

After the electric cover, the band led into their final song, “My Friends Over You.” As confetti rained down on the screaming crowd, the show ended with a bang that the audience would never forget.

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